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How to get my product onto store shelves??

  • I've DONE it! I've solved a diaper rash problem that no other product could solve. I've brought in experts in the field to refine the formulation. I've laid out THOUSANDS of dollars for initial inventory. And in just a couple of weeks, I'll be the proud owner of...a lot of inventory!

    Now, how do I get this stuff onto store shelves? I have scouted out local stores I want to target. I've got contact information. But what should I approach them with? What are the expectations?

    Will they pay me for the product up front, or will I have to invoice them? Will I have to take the product back if they don't sell it? Do I take contracts or invoices or POs or any paperwork at all into my meetings with potential retail buyers? Do I drive the old pickup truck around with all the inventory in the back? (Okay, that one isn't going to happen.)

    Can someone who has been on either side of this--placing their products with retailers or acting as a buyer--please help me understand how this works?
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Melissa Mercer-Tachick on 5th February 2012

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