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Struggling with all of the judgement about work

  • Hello. I am new to workitmom.

    I am 39, due in May and have a pretty good career going for myself. So far though, I have really struggled with all of the judgmental comments I get about my plan to go back to work. I don't have to, I am choosing to and honestly never even considered not working.

    I get comments constantly about "being the best person to raise my child" and so on and it brings out the absolute beast in me. My responses back are terse and downright mean.

    I am proud of my education and my career and everything that I have worked for but to me, my responses are just as judgmental as those I am responding too. So I end up feeling awful. I need a way to respond that does not make me feel worse! If anyone can suggest something that would be great!
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  • How about just politely pointing out that your goal is to raise children who are happy and confident with their choices so you are teaching them by example? Not only does this point out that the best moms are happy moms, but it lets them know that your mind is made up and you are confident that you are making the very best choice for you and your family... 'Nuff said. Good luck!
    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Valerie on 4th September 2012
  • I really like what Valerie said... I think I would say that every family is different and this is the best balance for your family. If you take the high road, they'll end up feeling silly for saying that to you. I can't imagine criticizing any of my friends for making those choices. Hope this helps!
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