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All the WAHM share your home business......................

  • Hello ,
    This is Anne Shaw , C.E.O of transcription jobs and service providing company .. . Transcription Vendors is one of leading transcription services and transcription jobs provider from Santa Ana, California which has expertise in all kinds of transcription and translation needs. They provide an accurate and on-time delivery of all the projects handled within your budget.
    I love working at home , so that I can fulfill all my family responsibilities , and give proper nourishment to my kids.
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  • Hi All , I am into Transcription certificate institute. this provides online certification courses to become a transcriptionist , so that they can work as transcriptionist in future.
    Would love to hear from others about there business.
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  • Hello,

    My name is Kelly Clinton. I run my own home business and am sooo happy to finally be at home with my kids! I work around kids schools and my schedule. Huge stress lifted from my shoulders!! My website is and I open accounts for people who are interested in working at home. Makes me happy, makes them happy - all is good!!!
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  • I do two things with my home business. I help families like mine... ex-Wal Mart shoppers learn how to shop safe AND affordably. I teach others how to learn how to do the same. About as simple as it can get but I love it because in addition to being completely available to my family, I just help others. My kids know what I does makes a difference and really helps other, which is a side effect of my business that is amazing.

    Kim King
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