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I'd never dream that I would be able to work from home.

  • I felt compelled to talk about my story as I've read so many posts about moms struggling with work life balance. There isn't a "magic" answer, but I changed my life two years ago.

    Two years ago, I found myself working a full time job, that was secure and I enjoyed, but I was overwhelmed. I just had my third son and found that balancing my job with my family was not fitting as I wanted. I had been doing that for 6 years because I thought it was too scary to change. Going week to week was easier than making a change. But I started thinking about how it would only get harder and not easier as my family grew and they need my flexibilty more. I became determined, and decided to make a change. That was when I found the team and started working from home on the side. My business grew, with the help of many new friends who were doing the same. Before I knew it, I was quitting my job and moving to the life that I had always dreamed of... the best of both worlds.

    Now, I'm 2 years down the road from when I made that decision. I now what to help others to do the same. It is truely possible. If you are determined and are ready to make that change in your life..... then give me a call or email me. I want to help others as I was helped, to change their future.

    Feel free to message me... I've been in that spot before. I'm still a working mom.. I just make my own choices on my work. It can be done :)

    Kim King
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