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Should I do it??

  • Hi Ladies,
    My name is Cathy and I'm new to Work It Mom. I'm 42yo stay at home mom. of two boys a 10 and 12 yo and married for 18 years. I have always been into fitness exercise videos, aerobics, weights, ballet, pilates, and yoga. About 19 months ago I started taking a boxing classes (boxing is my wild side!)at a boxing gym and I really enjoy it and got into sparring about a year ago.

    Today after class the instructor Darnell approached me and asked if I wanted to get in the ring and do a sanctioned boxing match in a few weeks!! I was surprised at first but he told me that I'm really good and have come a long way, and he would like to put me in the ring with a 39yo woman. The fight would be six two minute rounds. Obviously, I was surprised but after thinking about it for a few hours I like the idea of getting in the ring to do a real fight. I spoke to my Husband and he is a bit surprised, but wants me to be happy.

    I know I could possibly get hurt, but I think it would be fun. What do you moms think?


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