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Are you a 'tech' family?

  • hey everyone! So, not that i'm concerned or anything...but when is it too much? Between my husband and 2 kids (6 and 4), we've got 2 iPads, 2 iPods, 2 Laptops and 2 iPhones.... we've also got an xBox, PS3 and a Ninendo Wii... during the week, we spend A LOT of time on these kids included...I try to get the kids to be as active as possible, and they are! Great healthy shape and no obesity, thankfully... but is it too much??? Seems impossible to get away from it all... myself, i'm in front of a computer screen atleast 10hrs a day.... interested to hear other peoples points of view....
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  • Hi! There is nothing wrong with you having many "tech" devices but.... I think that there should be balance between time spent with computer and playing/talking/reading/walking with your children. Just ask yourself what kind of memories you wish your kids bring with them to adult life. Less time you interact with them less memories of time spent together. I think that the most invaluable thing we can give to kids is educating them to be a real person with high morality, great inner world and intellectuality. The only thing to do it is to communicate with children, discuss books you have read, joint stroll, playing on backyard etc.
    I personally spend time with my son after work till 9 pm. Then he goes to sleep and I watch movies or do whatever I want to.
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