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  • Hi, I am new here :) I'm from Rhode Island, and I have two boys, 4 and 6. I work full time.
    Our current battle, is chores....The boys keeping their room clean, doing various things around the house, for an allowance. This is new territory for us! For our 6 year old, keeping his room clean is the worst. If we're not on him everyday, by the end of the week his room is a disaster!
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  • Hi! It's tough!! I have been using an app called myjobchart. It helps us organize the chores and the kids actually see me enter when they've completed the chores. I think the biggest battle is when they don't do them right away. If they get up on a Saturday morning and lounge around, there is no motivation to get up and do anything productive, including chores. After school, they have to start their homework and complete whatever chores are on their list before they can do anything else. Using the job chart, I award them points for each job they do and they get paid (or can purchase something) from their points every Friday. Good luck!
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