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Great money-saving service

  • So, I'm all about a good deal. I have a 6-year-old son who is obsessed with LEGO (and any other toy he can build) and I spend a FORTUNE buying him new sets to build. A $30 set literally takes him 30 minutes to build...then he's done.

    We attended a LEGO expo last month and we found a really awesome company (no pun intended) that rents LEGO sets. They're called Pley ( They described it as the "Netflix for LEGO"...we've been a member for about a month, and my son has already built 3 sets.

    We build it, send it back, get another one he wants. So far, the boy is happy, and we've already saved close to $100 (they have a piggy bank that shows how much value you get from renting over buying the sets).

    Anybody else ever hear/try this service? I'm curious if this is something that is still a secret, because I really wish I thought of this idea!

    Please add any other similar services to save money!! :)
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  • Hi! I will have to check that out! My son LOVES legos! But he likes to keep them built and on a shelf. lol
    I use bookgorilla to save money on books. They have free and cheap ebooks!
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