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  • Great freelance blog!

    Mir is a freelance writer and is writing about it on Cornered Office at Work It, Mom! As an entrepreneur, I love reading her entries.

    by Nataly on 24th July 2007
  • Startup Story Radio

    Startup Story is a radio show dedicated to mentoring entrepreneurs and giving people a platform to share their own "Startup Story." In addition to show information there are blogs from the hosts and forums about starting and growing your business.

    by Kristie McNealy on 31st July 2007
  • Entrepreneur Mom Blog

    Our latest addition to Work It, Mom! Blogs - check out Aliza's tips and stories about starting and running your own business.

    by Nataly on 13th September 2007
  • The Internet Income Center

    Find legitimate internet business opportunities that require no or minimal start-up fees, have desirable products, and are profitable. We also provide several free and low cost services for promoting your new business.

    by Tootie on 28th March 2008
  • Startup Nation

    startupnation provides real-world business advice to people who want to start a business and who want to grow their small businesses.

    by on 13th December 2007
  • Marketing on a Shoestring

    I learned a lot about marketing on a shoestring budget when I started up www.borntolove.com in 1978, as a single SAHM with two little kids. I read every marketing book in the library and, once I came online, built my business up to 2 million hits a month, and a 6 figure in sales at it's peak. I hope to accomplish the same with blogging, but with a lot less effort.

    by Catherine on 8th February 2008
  • Va-4Hire

    A Virtual Assistance practice specializing in administrative, clerical, secretarial and bookkeeping services. If you're overloaded with work, need a one time project done or need to outsource some items so that you can focus on growing your business, you're the perfect candidate for a Virtual Assistant. Contact me and I'll show you why a Virtual Assistant is a great resource for anyone.

    by Va-4-Hire on 16th October 2008