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Beth Feldman

Vice President, CBS Communications Group and Founder, Rolemommy

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The 8:48am morning commute is my favorite part of the day where I get to catch up with my girlfriends, gossip, compare notes and unwind from a stressful morning. I spend the day at work doing all kinds of things – working with our marketing department, consumer products, DVD and a new magazine – participate in several conference calls, draft press releases, pitch outlets, etc. Then I put everything away so I can hop on the 5:48 and make it home in time for dinner.

I’m in the door by 6:45pm; the kids greet me immediately and then start firing questions at me a mile a minute. I head to the kitchen to whip up some culinary monstrosity while my husband plays with the kids. By 7:30pm the two of us have dinner (the kids have already been fed) and by 8pm we get the kids to slip into their pajamas. We then sit down and relax for a while in the den – watching one of our favorite shows like “American Idol,” and by 8:45pm my daughter gets ready for bed and my son, who is afraid to go to bed by himself, usually falls asleep on the couch. Yes, I know I’m a bad mom, but he won’t be falling asleep next to me when he’s in college so I’m keeping him little as long as I can.

As for me, once the kids head to bed, I either attempt to read a few chapters of a book or watch television and then pass out on the couch by 10pm.

Best thing about your job: Working with some of the most talented people in the television industry.

Most challenging thing about your job: Working on several different projects at once – when all worlds collide, it can get pretty hectic.

One thing you would like to change about your job:

My job is pretty fulfilling these days – I wouldn’t change anything at the moment.

What is your dream job?

I’m still trying to figure that out. I don’t have a dream job, just dreams I’d like to achieve: writing books, recording a CD, producing a television or web-based show… my mind is constantly coming up with tons of ideas. I’d love to turn Role Mommy into a site that offers all those elements for moms, to continue to share stories but show how you can achieve your dreams too.

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  • This interview has been a great peak into the future for me.

    I have a two-year old and a four-year old and I work PT from home. I really look forward to returning to FT work and I sometimes wonder how and when I will get there. There are times when I forget that I won't be changing diapers and comforting my child through teething pains for the rest of my life. Being reminded, through articles like this that I'm not in a permanent state of mommyhood-to-very-young-children actually helps me to enjoy the present challenges more.

    Beth Feldman's interview is very encouraging and I look forward to when my children will begin to have their own lives (at school) and as a mother I can return to have more of my own personal ambitions.

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