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Silvana Nardone

Editor of Every Day with Rachael Ray

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I don’t usually work at night. Sometimes I’ll talk with Rachael about magazine stuff, but not much else.

I hate to use the word “balanced” but for someone with a demanding job and a family (including a little baby) you seem to be in a really great place. What’s the secret?

The environment I’ve created at work is a flexible one. I’ve chosen to give people the freedom to get things done in their own way, on their own time. It’s how I want to work and the kind of company I want to work for. (One of the reasons I left corporate America is that I couldn’t find a place like this that would allow me some flexibility.)

If someone comes to me and says their kid is sick, it’s important for me to let them know that they shouldn’t feel bad about going home. I say to them, “You should want to go home and spend time with your kids. It’s normal!”

What happens in a lot of corporate offices is that you’re made to feel wrong when you do something to take time away from work and take care of your family. But I find that people work much better when they work in a flexible environment; they’re happy and motivated to come to work every day.

I see very different results in terms of work efficiency when people enjoy what they do and don’t feel like they have pressures that they can’t deal with. I enjoy where I work and the flexibility that I have. I’m definitely in a good place right now!

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