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Tamara Monosoff, CEO of Mom Invented

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Did having children affect your career?

Yes, it inspired me to create the company that I still love today -- seven years later.


What has been your greatest career challenge? How did you overcome it?


Like everyone, our business was significantly affected by the economic recession. Change can be difficult, and it was. We had to quickly alter some aspects of our business. Now, I feel like this was a gift as business is stronger than before. One of the main outcomes is that I have connected more with other women in business and shared everything that I have learned to my new books. I have also found that many women are not comfortable with business planning. So in January of this year, we launched The One Page Business Plan for Women in Business with my friend and mentor, Jim Horan, CEO and Founder of The One Page Business Plan Company.



What's your favorite success story?

I love the story of Sweet Sally’s Bakeshop (excerpt taken from Your Million Dollar Dream, which comes out April 28): Sometimes what seems like a worst-case scenario pushes us to confront and pursue our dreams. When Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in its much-publicized collapse, Sally Saltzbart Minier, the vice president of dining services there, suddenly found herself unemployed. She had been responsible for keeping 27,000 employees fed at Lehman locations throughout the world. Now she decided to venture out on her own and put her skills to work. With all her experience -- and recipes passed down from her Jewish mother and grandmother -- she launched her own bakery, Sweet Sally’s Bakeshop. Until that point, she said, she had always been afraid to take that leap.


What inspired you to write Your Million Dollar Dream?

Over that last two years I have spoken with hundreds of people about their dreams and goals. Some working in jobs that prevent them spending time with their families or which they find unsatisfying. Others who need a source of income but find the job market to be non-existent. And still others, who just want to do something they love for some extra money.  Many of us have postponed the pursuit of this kind of satisfaction until "someday."

All of these things are attainable through entrepreneurship, so I wanted to create a book that gave people a map with all the exercises and resources they need to first clarify what they want to do and to then make that a reality. I call that, making their "someday" life "today."

Is it really possible to successfully launch a business in this kind of economy?

‚Ä®Absolutely!  In fact, in many ways this is the best time. ‚Ä®This economy is turning around but many companies have trimmed their staffs and their offerings. However, customers still need products and services. Therefore, Entrepreneurs can fill these gaps! And, the technology and tools available today enable fast-thinking entrepreneurs to deliver quality services and products never before imaginable.

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  • Very inspiring

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  • I am a mother who invented a self extinguishing candle. I was always on the go but loved to burn candles. I would actually leave the house to take the children to their activities - I could never remember if I blew that candle out. I would have people break into my home to check. That is why I came up with the Smart Wick. It wad designed for busy mommies who love to burn candles but sometimes forget to blow them out prior to leaving home. These candle go out multiple times over the life of candle. And, they can be relit easily for further use. I have many ideas and am glad to see other moms joining in too. Would love to part of a group. Lisa -

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