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Penelope Trunk

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I am still adjusting. But there isn’t any piece of research I used to determine where to live, that I could say was wrong, or misguided, or anything like that.

Can you talk about what that balance means for you and ways – however small or big – you’ve managed to find it?

I don’t think work/life balance is possible. I try more for a blend. Where the two lives are not competing but more mixed. I also try to stop with the guilt. I know that I am trying my very hardest, and that is the most I can do right now. It has to be enough.

That said, at this point I have done a good job with my career and my kids, but my marriage isn’t that great. I just don’t have time and energy to give to it to make it great.

It’s disappointing. I don’t think I’m alone in this, but I wish more women would talk about this.

What are some things you are not perfect about?

Everything. I’m just not a perfectionist. I’m a get by by the skin of my teeth kind of girl.

We’ve all had them – describe your most trying/embarrassing/don’t-want-to-remember-this moment as a professional mom so far:

It’s the bad parenting that gets me down. The nights when work is going badly and the kids are ornery, and I scream. Yep. I do that. I yell at my poor little five year-old. And I hate myself after I do it. And I talk to myself about how to manage my emotions better. It’s a struggle.

How do you de-stress and relax?

The gym. I love the gym.

When I was rolling in Internet startup money, I took one or two swing dance lessons a day. I took so many lessons that I started teaching swing dancing on 42nd Street in New York City with one of my teachers.

I miss that now. I am thinking of starting it up again to decrease stress.

If you could afford to stay at home, would you still choose to work? Why?

I don’t think I’d work as many hours, but I’d still work because I love the game of business—thinking of new ideas – and I love the teamwork.

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