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Andrea Serrette

Internal and Executive Communication Lead for the Printing Systems Division at IBM, Author of The Milk Memos

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I ask myself this question all the time – and yes, I think I’d like to try it. My time with my younger son is disappearing right before my eyes, and I think it would be very gratifying to stay at home 5 days a week with him. Of course, I have several friends who are stay-at-home moms who tell me I wouldn’t think this way after I tried it for a few weeks. Many of them wish they could work a few days a week! As they say, “The grass is always greener…”

Tell us about your book, The Milk Memos:

The Milk Memos ( is a guide to balancing motherhood and work, based on the journals we (my co-author, Cate, and I) kept in the IBM lactation room when our children were babies. Our actual journal entries are interwoven with informational sections on subjects that matter to working moms, such as: finding the right child care solution, getting a decent night’s sleep, finding a private place to pump breast milk, establishing a pumping routine in the midst of a busy workday, and negotiating with an employer for flex-time, part-time, or a job share.

It has been amazing to see our dream go from inspiration to bound book on the shelves of Borders and Barnes & Noble! The experience has taught me never to stop dreaming.

This interview would not be complete if we didn’t talk about guilt – so many professional mom talks about feeling guilty often. Do you feel a lot of guilt as a professional mom? What are your strategies for dealing with it?

I think guilt and being a working mom go hand-in-hand! Just the other day, I was crying because I haven’t had time to get my son into swimming lessons! Still, I do my best to honor the choices I’m making and not worry to much about what others think I should or shouldn’t be doing. If you let guilt take over, it can be paralyzing.


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