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I also have some tips for sharing history and family history with kids on the Resources page of my website:

There are no set hours when it comes to research and writing. How do you juggle work and the rest of your life?


As a parent, I found that I had two work modes: the “mother setting” and the “work setting.”  I do like to work and always kept a heavy load and, in order to meet deadlines, if I wasn’t involved with the family, I was working.  That actually isn’t ideal!  Advice to current work-at-home moms: Try to do something for yourself at least a few times each week, whether it’s a walk or an exercise class, or ten minutes of reading, it’s worth it.


Now I still find myself at my desk every day, but I am better about getting out to yoga, walking the dogs, meeting a friend or reading. 

One secret: When your children go off to college, your concentration strengthens because there are fewer interruptions. I love my daughters, and loved raising them but I concentrate much better now. (If you feel totally “fried” most days, there is hope!)

What's next on your life to-do list?

Because this site is addressing mothers, I would first mention that after many, many years working really hard as a parent (and enjoying it), it is also wonderful to be without the day-to-day responsibility of parenting.  As a mother of daughters, after-school discussions were huge in our household, and while I sometimes miss the camaraderie of being with them, it’s okay to just have my own feelings to deal with.  Those of you with daughters know how it feels when they come home and are upset from a social slight of some type -- minor or major, it’s hard not to feel what they are feeling. 

As for what else is next, right now I just want to keep doing more of what I’m doing.  I’m traveling more to research stories for the website, and I love getting out and meeting new people. 

I believe strongly in the wonder of this country, and I’d like to reach more people to share that sentiment with them.


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