Mom Interviews

Pamela Liebman

CEO of Corcoran Group

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What compromises have you had to make personally and professionally since becoming a mom? Did having children affecting your career path?

I don’t feel like I had to make any sacrifices. Not really. In fact, I think becoming a mom has made me a much better boss – nicer, more compassionate, more understanding. Kids teach you to compromise and I think this has positively affected me at work. Becoming a mom has made me a more compassionate leader and a little bit softer and sympathetic to the issues that employees have.

Who/what has been most helpful to you as you’ve navigated through your career as a mom? Where do you go for support/advice to help you?

I am a member of the Young Presidents Organization and I think it’s a great, really valuable organization. They have forums with monthly meetings where a lot of personal and professional info is shared. I’ve found these meetings very helpful and have learned a lot from the other members. I also have been fortunate to work alongside some very smart women at Corcoran and they’ve been very helpful to me over the years.

Professional moms know that the way to keep our sanity is by not being perfect at everything. What are some things you are not perfect about?

I don’t stop and smell the roses enough. On vacation I try to relax. But in general, I am always doing something, running from one place to another, rushing. My husband meditates and I’d really like to do more of that in my life. I used to get massages every week, but that went out window because I never had any time. So now I schedule time for me, even if it’s just a half-hour here or there.

I recently tore my ACL skiing and had to have surgery. For a few weeks I walked around on crutches or a cane, and this really slowed me down. I couldn’t work so many hours or run around as much. I realized that during that time I was more relaxed and got rid of a lot of stress. So maybe it was a sign that I need to find a way to slow down a little and find some time for myself.

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