Mom Interviews

Kirsten Mangers

Founder and CEO of WebVisible

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How do you split up your responsibilities at home with your husband?

Now my husband has more responsibilities. Before, when we were both working, I took more responsibility. We still share a lot of duties, especially on the weekends. Friday nights are our stay-at-home nights. We have fun together as a family.

What is, for you, the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur and a mom? What is your favorite part about it?

Challenge - time. Not enough time to do everything really well.

Best part – it’s so personal. Both aspects are very personal. I’m able to translate passion towards my children to my company and vice versa. Communication is a crossover.

What/who has been most helpful to you as you’ve been running your own business? Where do you go for advice and support?

On the homefront, it’s my husband. We’ve known each other since we were 15 years old. We have no secrets and he is a great support for me.

On the work front – it’s not just one person. I surround myself with people smarter than I am. I hire to compensate for my weaknesses. It’s been a great strategy for me and helped me a lot.

Describe what work/life balance means to you:

In the earlier days I was more balanced with being a mom than with career. Now, I put more emphasis on business. My prioritization has changed. I started my company not just because I caught an entrepreneurial bug, but for my children as well. Financial reward is a big driver and more of priority now. My daughter is going to college next year and we will have more bills to pay.

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