Mom Interviews

Hana Wolf and Nisha Cordero

Co-Founders of Little Jet Set

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5.) How did you come up with the idea for Little Jet Set?

Hana: I wanted to do something that was creative and fun. I thought about a children’s book store, or maybe a specialty toy store. My husband convinced me that the overhead and time commitment involved with having a brick and mortar store would probably overwhelm me, and result in my working longer hours than I ever had doing anything else. Thus, I turned to the internet. I quickly discovered that there is no shortage of great places to buy children’s books and quality toys online. But there was no one place that offered everything I needed or wanted to ensure that my child and I had the most enjoyable, least stressful travel experience possible. Enter Little Jet Set.

Nisha: As mothers, we found innovative and amusing ways to keep our young travelers engaged and unplugged on long trips and wanted to share that knowledge. In creating Little Jet Set, we drew upon our own considerable travel experience and extensively researched stand-out products.

6.) Was it difficult to start up a company with small children in tow?

Hana: Absolutely. Even though my son is now in school full-time, it still doesn’t leave enough hours in the day to start and run a company. While running an online business affords me the opportunity to work from home, it is that much harder to leave the “office” when Robbie comes home from school. The computer and phone are always in sight, or just a few steps away. While my son doesn’t need constant attention, he is an only child. It’s a never ending struggle between wanting to devote every minute of my time to him when he’s home and having to deal with the day-to-day obligations of running a business, which doesn't end at 4 p.m.

Nisha: I think beginning any project that falls outside the norm of your everyday schedule with children is an intimidating proposition. However, I welcomed the challenged and weathered the ups and downs because I have my children and their sloppy kisses and body-numbing bear hugs, Hana (a dedicated friend, mother, and entrepreneur), and a loving, supportive husband all by my side.

7.) As entrepreneurs, how many hours do you work each day (or do you feel like you're always working)?

Hana: However many hours it is, it’s never enough. But it was never my intention to make this a 70- to 80-hour-a-week job. Nisha and I work hard, but we have adjusted our expectations for rate of growth based on how much time we can and want to put into it without sacrificing our commitments to our families. I usually work a 5- to 6-hour block while my son is at school, and then another 1 to 2 hours split up between the early morning and evening.

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