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Karin Abarbanel

Author of "Birthing the Elephant"

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Great question! When my son was younger, I structured my work day around his time – this was one of the benefits of being home based. Now that Alex is a teenager, I face a different challenge: how to stay connected with him and nurture our family at a stage when he’s really independent and spends a lot of his free time with his friends.

Most women who work from home say they feel like they’re always working. What do you do to relax?

My approach to avoiding that “always working” feeling is to give myself mini-vacations during the day. I take time to have lunch with a friend, take a walk or listen to an inspiring tape. I relax by reading, spending time with my family, and playing with our dog, Watson.

Tell us your favorite real-life story from you new book.

I love the story that Ronnie Fliss, the founder of Fat Murray’s Doggy Treats told about her basset hound Murray’s “younger brother,” Barney. One evening she and her husband came home to find that Barney had somehow dragged an open 50-pound bag of flour across her kitchen. He was covered in flour, so was Murray, and so was just about everything else. It took hours to clean up, but Ronnie said she couldn’t stop laughing. To be in business you need a great sense of humor!

What’s the next project on your life’s to-do list?

After birthing this book, I need to find a beach! Now that Birthing the Elephant is in bookstores, I’m on a mission to get the word out about the wonderful advice it offers. I’m also launching a web site called Ace Your Startup that will provide ongoing support and reosurces for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

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  • I won a copy of your book Birthing an Elephant from this site. I was very excited to receive it and can't put it down. The book is great for new business owners - lots of helpful advice to keep you going.

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