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Member Close-Up: PartyOf5

Co-Founder of My Plate-Mate Products

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4.) Tell us a few things on your Life To-Do List.

Travel to a new place every year, take piano lessons, read more.

5.) What's your toughest challenge when it comes to juggling work and family?

It’s a huge challenge for me to find balance between work, my children, my husband, and “me” time (what is that?). I have to constantly be aware of setting boundaries and trying to stick to them -- things like no checking the computer between 5 and 7 p.m., no answering my cell phone while helping with homework, making time for my husband after the kids have gone to bed even though there are 100 work-related things I need to get done, etc. Sometimes this works great and other days it’s frustrating. I do have to remind myself that I started this company so I could enjoy my family and still have to flexibility to grow it as fast or slow as I want. The worst thing would be to have a hugely successful company in five years but no memories of my kids' childhoods.

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