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Donna Novitsky

CEO of Big Tent

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Do you have other projects outside of Big Tent? If so, how do you fit them into your schedule?

I teach marketing to engineers at Stanford. My ulterior motive there is to create more great product managers, people who understand customers and technology and can bridge the gap between the two. I'm also on the foundation board for my kids' school -- we raise a lot of funding for the school. I think [the time to do all of this] comes out of the sleep bucket.

What's your favorite organizational tool (besides Big Tent, of course)?

Lists, basically. I have a to-do list -- I'm looking at it right now. There are categories; the personal category says "make Shutterfly photo albums" and "clean the playroom." There's a separate category for teaching -- grade papers, prepare tommorow morning's lecture. Another category for my kids' school foundation -- I do a lot of marketing and fund-raising for that. This list goes with me everywhere. Sometimes I write things on it just to cross them off.

When you do find time for yourself, what do you like to do?

Exercise with my friends. A lot of them are other moms from the school, and it's like kiling two birds with one stone -- I can catch up on what's going on in school and get exercise and see my friends. I love to hike, and fortunately we live in a place where there's great hiking nearby. Skiing is my other favorite -- it's a great equalizer.

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