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Judy Adourian

Founder of Writeyes

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More importantly, because my oldest son has Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Asperger’s (a high functioning form of autism), it’s crucial that his world be as structured as possible. So, as my husband and I work together to keep our oldest son’s routine predictable and constant, I avoid feeling like I’m living a “Groundhog Day” like existence by mixing up my work hours depending upon the day.

What is your childcare arrangement and how happy are you with it?

My younger son goes to preschool for three hours a morning, four days a week, and my older son is in school full days. This is the most child-free time I’ve had since starting my business, and I am definitely looking forward to September, 2008, when both kids will be in school full time. Prior to that, I worked around their schedules—before they woke up, while I watched them play outside, when they napped, or after they went to bed. I’ve always kept my kids as the number one priority by taking my time to build up my business as they’ve grown. Most of my marketing up until this point has been through word of mouth (one student recommending me to another) in an intentional effort to keep my children the priority and my business workload manageable. It won’t be long before my kids will be grown and my focus can be more on my business.

Do you work at an office or from home? What are the positives and negatives of this arrangement?

I work from home but share a business post-office box with a colleague in Massachusetts. I love working from my home because I can work whenever it’s convenient for me. If I have an idea or feel restless at 2 am, I can walk downstairs to my office and work. If I don’t feel well, I can work in my pajamas. If the weather’s bad, I stay warm and dry during my “commute.” If my husband is home on a weekday morning while the kids are in school, I can share a morning date with him and work those hours at night when he’s at work and the kids are sleeping.

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