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Member Close-Up: Bayou Twin mom

Owns Gemini Greetings

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Each week, we take a little time to introduce you to another member here at Work It, Mom! This week we chatted with Bayou Twin Mom, a mother of three who lives in Baton Rouge, runs her own specialty-card business, and blogs about her life and family at Tiger Twins in the Bayou.

1.) What do you do?

Other than work a full-time job as an executive assistant, I am a first-time business owner. Other than spend hours upon hours making a living, I spend the remainder of my time with my husband and three children, Jack and Nick, who are 2 1/2-year-old identical twins, and Sarah, my 16-month-old who thinks she is the queen of the house.

2.) How did you end up in your current career?

I spent 10 years in management, most of them in hospitality convention sales and service. Due to the loss of a close family member, I felt that working 50+ hours a week just for someone to make a profit did not seem right. So, I changed course and put my experience and talents into raising funds for national non-profit organizations. It was the most rewarding job ever!

Only three weeks after my twins were born, Hurricane Katrina hit and turned our world upside down. Being in Baton Rouge, we were indirectly affected by the historic tragedy. I was already reeling from my dad's death six months before the twins were born, and in the hormonal rush of giving birth I unknowingly started down the path of depression.

Fast forward two years ahead and I had another baby and hit rock-bottom with my depression. In my recovery mode, I decided that it was not important to be the boss, but work for the boss. So I began searching for an Executive Assistant type job and luckily found one for the best boss ever! I am more of a personal assistant, but it suits me just fine. During the same time of changing jobs, I found a renewed energy and passion to take an idea I had for a business and make it a reality. Today, that dream can be found at, offering specialty cards for twins, triplets, and more!

3.) What's your dream job?

My dream job would be a full-time philanthropist. To be in a position to give time and money to organizations, families, or individuals in need would be the most gratifying job I could do.

4.) Tell us a few things on your Life To-Do List.

After losing two close family members to cancer, I realize how precious life is and how short it can be. I always wanted to get married and have children. Little did I know, I would be having three children and how much it would change my perspective on life. My old "To-Do List" would have consisted of being a ballerina, traveling to Europe, and being a successful business woman. The ballerina dream will have to be passed along to my daughter, and one day I hope that my husband and I will enjoy a romantic getaway to Europe, but for now I am working diligently on the success of my business, Gemini Greetings. Who knows what success will come from my unique and simple cards.

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