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Kimberly Rider

Author of "Organic Baby" and eco-friendly interior designer

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None of us is perfect -- in what way do you want your family to be even more eco-friendly?

I am currently obsessed with energy usage as well as transportation.

I’d love to use more solar energy, but at the moment our power, gas and water bills are so low that installing solar panels won't net out as a cost savings for a really long time. We are remodeling our kitchen but we're on a budget, so some of the greatest stuff in environmentally-friendly finishes may not make it into the new space, but we are investing in insulation and low energy appliances.

I would like a new more energy-efficient car, but my current 28-mile per gallon vehicle will suffice until we find the right fit, worth the investment. My husband uses biodiesel and I only travel a few miles a day, so having the office close to home is a more crucial component to my traveling footprint than what I am driving. I hope to make a change soon, but I want to see what comes out in the next few years: biodiesel and plug-in hybrid-in-one anyone?

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