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Brett Paesel

Author of Mommies Who Drink

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Work-life balance – what does it mean to you?

I find the most balance by constantly reminding myself how lucky I am to have these children. I had Spence when I was 39 and Murph when I was 43. I am statistically very lucky. I take moments out to look at them. I choose to read the book Murphy’s asking me to read, rather than attend to an adult task that’s pressing. I do my best to choose them, whenever it’s a choice between work and home.

Even though, I honor my work. Recently, I got a big meeting set for Spencer’s first day of second grade. I wouldn’t have been there when he came home. I e-mailed the people I was meeting with and said it was a real priority for me to be home when he walked in the door from his first day of second grade. I was a bit concerned that the folks I was meeting with would be dismissive. But they changed it. That’s balance for me – making a real effort to be there when it counts.

What are you not perfect about?

God, this is going to be such a boring answer. Especially coming from someone who wrote a book on all my shortcomings as a mom. And there are tons of them. I’m dreadful at playing with them on the floor (I just like to talk). I can’t cook. I forget their school obligations constantly – Murph never has anything to show and tell, because I always forget the day. I even forgot to be the tooth fairy twice. I told my son that she was probably on vacation the first time. And the second time I had to sneak a dollar under the pillow and pretend that he simply didn’t see it the first time around.

All this to say, I’m an extremely imperfect parent and person. And I’m virtually guilt free.

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  • yes my mother keeps saying 'happy hours are over, you are a mother now" grrrrrrr makes me so mad! as if one night spent with girlfriends over 1 or 2 drinks is harmful somehow? i think maybe its a generational thing. this is a great article and i am interested in the book - though really - would prefer a tv show as my attention span does not currently lend it self to reading!!

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Kate on 17th October 2007

  • Moms are supposed to be virginal?

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by KatieK on 11th October 2007