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The other obstacle I hear about from my readers is they'll get organized when they can afford to. I just don't buy it. It absolutely does not need to cost a lot of money to keep an organized space. Yes it might require a little more creativity but it certainly can be done. I talk about this quite a bit on my blog and often will show various ways to organize inexpensively.

4. Please share your top three favorite bits of getting organized advice with our busy mom readers.

Start menu planning. Menu planning is so not complicated and has been such a huge lifesaver for me. There are many reasons why menu planning is a good idea and you can read my list here.

Set yourself up a command center somewhere in your home with designated space for a calendar, school papers and other bits of important information all in one central location that is easy for the whole family to utilize.

Never leave a room empty handed. Try it, it works!

5. Confession time -- is there any part of your life, however small, that's not well-organized?

The biggest issue I have trouble staying on top of is my digital pictures. I take them but gosh I'm so behind in doing anything with them. There they sit in my computer just taunting me every time I log on.

Organizing has become such a passion for me because I realize how much easier it makes my life. I don't waste time looking for things, I don't waste money buying things I already have but can't find, we eat healthier, I'm not constantly tripping over clutter, I'm on time when I go places and generally I'm a lot less stressed. And on the fun side, it also allows me feed my wacky container obsession each and every day and that I love most of all!

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  • It's great to read all of Laura's thoughts in one place! Great interview and great questions!
    Erin, the $5 Dinner Mom

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