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Gwendolen Gross

Writer and Author of The Other Mother

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Well, of course the book had to have a marketing handle, something that drew in readers. But one thing I worked on with both my agent and editor was "more war, less mommies," which doesn't mean the characters aren't whole, it just means I tried to work the compelling conflicts--the emergencies--to the fore. As a reader, I love the most elegant writing, and honestly, words are my first love in first drafts, but I also love a good plot--who doesn't? The goal is to write beautifully, but also to keep the pages turning.

But the review does say it's going to "keep the mommy wars debate raging"--not the mommy wars themselves. I have found, in very gratifying response, that many readers find themselves thinking about their own choices, and the way they interact with other mothers, while reading the book, and even after. Debate can be very productive--the audience is considering each side. That's everything I might hope for.

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