Mom Interviews

Sara Fisher

Senior Manager, Edelman

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My favorite part is getting dressed up for work and interacting with adults and discussing something other than baby sleep schedules.

What compromises have you had to make personally and professionally since becoming a mom? Has having children affecting your career path?

I definitely think if I didn’t have a child I wouldn’t be working part-time, but my company is very committed to honoring my flexible schedule, and so far I haven’t really missed any opportunities to work on projects that are well suited to me. Of course, you have to compromise something. For me it’s probably relaxation. I don’t have time to sit still. Well, other than to blog.

Did you find that your colleagues/clients treated you differently after you had kids?

Not really. Pretty much everyone where I work has children. I think I’m the one who’s different – I could talk about my son 24/7!

Who/what has been most helpful to you as you’ve navigated through your career as a mom?

My friends who also work. I mostly talk to them about any issue I’m having – they can totally relate like no one else.

Please share with us the top three things/strategies that help you successfully get through your days at work and at home.

· Go to bed early. You never know if junior will wake up at night!

· When you’re at work, don’t worry about home and when you’re at home, don’t worry about work. If you can.

· Find childcare that you trust and are happy with.

As professional moms we are constantly after finding that elusive work/life balance. Can you talk about what that balance means for you and ways – however small or big – you’ve managed to find it?

I’m really “over” the balance debate. I think balance means different things to different people. But since you asked, for me, balance for me means my days off are my days off. I know I have to check e-mail now and again, but I try to draw a line.

Professional moms know that the way to keep our sanity is by not being perfect at everything. What are some things you are not perfect about?

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  • Hi Sara. I am a working mom too and live in Deerfield, IL. I am currently separated so I have had my sets of challenges. I liked your comment of taking it one day at a know we hear this often but it's hard to remember. I have three boys so life is unpredictable to say the least. Seems like you are balancing it well and I enjoy hearing other moms who do as I do also. Thank you, Paula

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