Mom Interviews

Lisa Nolan

Co-Founder & CEO of LIZAL, Inc.

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What do you find most exciting about being an entrepreneur?

The ability to control things, the ability to control my own financial growth.

Can you briefly describe your usual day, from the time you wake up in the morning?

I’m up at 5:30 am to work out for 30 to 40 minutes. I let the dog out, shower, and wake up my son. I get my son situated with the Disney Channel, juice, and cereal. I get dressed and check my e-mail. I finish getting ready, dress my son, make a quick call to the office, load up the car with whatever is needed for the day, and drop off my son at preschool. Then I go straight to the office.

I make phone calls, reply to my email, and deal with my East Coast clients until noon. I eat lunch at my desk and continue working with my West Coast clients until 4:15 pm. I leave my office to pick up my son from preschool and we get home around 5:15 pm.

At home, I get my son situated with a game or a toy. We talk about his day at school. I take care of the dog and call my husband to figure out plans for dinner. I either make dinner or order food in. My husband is usually home around 6:00 pm. We eat dinner usually in the kitchen while trying to get our son to eat as well.

At 7 pm I check e-mail and do my conference calls with our Asia offices, if needed. Then I reply to any personal e-mails or go to do some shopping while my husband is giving our son a bath. If he is not home to do it, then it’s my turn. After bath, which usually takes 20 minutes, my son plays in his room or watches a little bit of Land Before Time on DVD; he goes to sleep around 8 pm. I read two books to him and discuss the next day’s activities.

At 8:30 pm, my e-mail stays on until I go to bed. Sometimes I check what’s on TV, look through magazines, or spend time with my husband. At 9:30 pm I’m tired. I clean up in the kitchen or fold laundry, if needed. I check e-mail one more time, put on my jammies, and get ready for bed. I also put out clothes for the next day for my son and me.

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  • Wow. What a lot on one plate. Inspirational and educative but scarily regimented from a UK perspective. Thanks for sharing.

    Paul, London

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