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Beth Avant

Freelance Director at a PR Agency

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Most favorite part is that I love being more then just a mom; I like using my brain and being smart and having more to my life then my house and family.

Had having children affecting your career path?

Yes, definitely. I haven’t pursued certain promotions because of different priorities. For example, I can’t have a long commute and pick up my son from school in time. So I have to prioritize and decide what’s important and what type of job parameters are not acceptable to me.

Did you find that your colleagues/clients treated you differently after you had kids?

My clients and colleagues tried to be understanding, but it’s hard if they don’t have kids. They can’t relate as much. When I first came back from maternity leave I worked with close friend of mine. Even though she supported me 100% she didn’t have kids and couldn’t grasp what I was going through. She tried, she just couldn’t. After a while our relationship was worn down.

In my last position our office was mostly female and our clients were men and most of them were dads with stay-at-home wives. After I had my child they looked at me in a funny way because I was working mom! That was weird. They couldn’t understand. I felt like they looked down at me because I was working.

I also found that a lot of women who worked with me, even if they were mothers, seemed to prioritize their jobs over their children - they would often work late and travel a lot. I had a hard time relating to them. It’s like there are two extremes out there. These women just couldn’t understand my challenge of balancing because their career was their life.

Who/what has been most helpful to you as you’ve navigated through your career as a mom? Where do you go for support/advice to help you?

I don’t have a good mentor/role model. It’s hard to find a mom and a career woman that I want to be. I belong to a private message board, an iVillage spin-off, for 3 years. This group is my biggest support group. It’s a mix of stay-at-home moms and working moms. It’s great to bounce ideas and problems off of them.

How did you start your blog: ?

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  • Love your page Beth! Working full time and being a mom, keeping the house clean and paying the bills can all be so overwhelming. Did I mention work-out too? Sometimes I just want to collapse, and then I get so short tempered because all I want to do is play with my 6 yr old daughter. BUt overall I am so lucky to have a job, and to do what I love to do which is selling Real Estate. I realize as soon as I make an issue about somethingn then it has become an issue. I am learning to rise above and find solutions. Juggle away, but try to capture the moment and stop to smell the flowers. Love your blog sight! Charge!!

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  • it's so good to hear how others do it day to day! thanks!

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  • Great answers Beth!! You are juggling so well, I'm proud of you.

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  • I really like your advice about talking to your boss if feeling overwhelmed. I work in a completely male dominated industry and don't think my boss would ever be sympathetic to how I feel as a mom, but what you wrote really made me think that perhaps even he could surprise me...

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