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What helps you juggle work and family? What's your favorite quick stress reducer? Have you found a way to squeeze in some 'me' time into your busy schedule? Share your tips!


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  • OMG...I am so glad to have found the Grocery Game. As a busy full time working mom I don't have time to go around looking for good deals. With the Grocery Game, Terri's lists have been so time saving that I went to Winn Dixie and saved almost $60! I would recommend trying this, as a mom and a coupon clipper if you are one. Happy Shopping!

    by bellesmom on 8th January 2009
  • The other night I was running late and needed a quick way to feed my family before dinner. I had everything for tacos but no meat thawed out, so i swung into the store and got a $5.00 deli chicken. Boned and tossed with my taco mixn's and done! It was also cheaper to buy a pre cooked whole bird than frozed chicken breast! Had to share :)

    by JennaC2010 on 31st March 2011
  • To juggle work and family the Main thing I have is my organizer......and a Mini van..:-) ...Still its not fool proof but working on it for sure!!!! Quick stress reducer is giving myself a time out (when possible) or sitting in the rocking chair on my front porch just to catch my breath! Me time....still far in betweeen.....Will def take advice on this one.

    by Stacey on 10th May 2011
  • Plastic drink cups! I bought a package of them for less than $1, and handed each of my two youngest kids15 cups. They happily stacked them into pyramids, collapsed them into piles, "decorated" them with action figures, and had tons of fun (while I was able to get dinner on the table with no fuss). It's a cheap investment, and perfect for long waits at the doctor's office or restaurants.

    by Lylah M. Alphonse on 23rd June 2011
  • Post-its!! I keep packs of them in the van so when we are running around town or out to dinner the kids can use them. I tell them to count how many times they see a red car or stop sign ect.... at dinner i tell them to write as many things down that they see that starts with a certain letter or has a certain color in it! Even if they get bored the end up playing tic tac toe or drawing.

    by candi on 1st July 2011
  • When my husband makes a smoothie in the morning, I have him double up and then pour the extra into popsicle makers. Later, when the kids want a snack, they think they're getting a popsicle treat, whereas I know it's actually healthy!

    by Jen Klein on 7th July 2011
  • My teething baby always tries to bite my finger when I am applying teething gel. So instead, I put the gel on her toothbrush and let her chew away!

    by raisin4cookies on 7th July 2011
  • At the end of the day, almost everyday, I relax in a tub full of bubbles with an aromatherapy candle and listen to Delilah! It so nice to hear I am not alone with all of my problems. This is the only thing that has gotten me through some very rough times after losing my job. I can clear my mind or straighten out my thoughts and just "be". I just found a new company recently that makes awesome aromatherapy candles and I truely have to say that they are the best chaning my mood!

    by Always Sleepy on 11th November 2010
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    by MomToThree on 27th July 2017