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What helps you juggle work and family? What's your favorite quick stress reducer? Have you found a way to squeeze in some 'me' time into your busy schedule? Share your tips!


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  • I take my toothbrush into bed with me! I curl up and get some precious alone time with a good book while I brush. I'm multitasking to get some Me time, but it also gets me brushing much, much more thoroughly. My teeth have never been so clean!

    by Diane on 10th June 2008
  • This is a wasteline saver. After dinner, when I am craving dessert, I cut up some fresh strawberries and put them in a bowl with a scoop of Cool Whip Lite (fat free would work too, or even regular Cool Whip isn't that bad). Anyway, it's totally delicious - it's like strawberry shortcake without the cake or guilt!

    by oceans mom on 23rd February 2009
  • I run a medium load of washing every morning and put it in dry as I get out to work. I fold it in the evening. This way my loads are smaller and are much easier than running big loads in the weekend. Also we do not have to listen to the dryer noise!

    by Lakshmi on 29th May 2009
  • If I can read for just ten minutes it helps me immensly.

    by Juno Dolly on 10th April 2009
  • I get up at 4:15am and head to the gym before work. I know it sounds early but I also couldn't imagine working out after supper.

    by Maura Birch on 9th December 2009
  • Instead of making it into the office for early morning meetings, I dial in during my commute (hands free of course!) It has made my days much easier to start as I'm not trying to cram in getting the kids ready, off to school and Steve McQueening through traffic to make it into the conference room. It gives me a back at lease an hour.

    by Michele on 11th June 2008
  • Keep a balloon in your purse at all times. (Deflated, of course!) It is guaranteed to keep your kiddo happy when you're stuck in line at the post office, window shopping, or trying to chat with a friend you just bumped into.

    by Diane on 11th June 2008
  • Live simple and clutter-free.

    by Morning Artist on 10th March 2009
  • three words: Mother's Day Out!

    by brunettemama on 3rd April 2009