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The Mommy Wars Machine

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Are Mommy Wars real or just a product of media hype?

This article from the Washington Post argues that real moms don't care about judging others, whether they are staying at home or working full time. The few moms interviewed for the article say that they make their personal decisions based on what is best for their families at the time and respect the choices made by other moms.

At the same time, the article sites some amazing stats, including the fact that Lisa Belkin's infamous article titled The Opt Out Revolution (published in the New York Times a few years ago) was the most emailed article for the year. If moms don't care about the mommy wars, who is reading and emailing this article?

We'd love to hear your reactions and thoughts on this article and the issues of mommy wars in general. Please leave a comment and share your reactions!


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  • Hi: As a woman who chose to opt out of the workforce and now want to get back in, I think that the misunderstandings and prejudices that might exist are exacerbated by the media flogging of this issue. Yes, I wonder whether I made the right choice to stop working. But on the other hand, I had no support from my husband (who worked all hours) and would have been hard pressed to find a job that paid more than daycare/babysitter. The reasons for and against are individual and only the mom can know what's right for her and her family. We can't have it all, and we win and lose things whatever our choices. Right now, I want all of us mothers to judge less and empathize more with one another's plight. If any of you have read Ann Crittenden's book "The Price of Privilege", you learn that the US doesn not support families in the workplace and that we all have tough choices to make in this macho work climate. Perhaps I shouldn't be on this site as I haven't got a job yet, but I am working on it and I hope that you working moms will look kindly upon those of us trying to get back in......

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