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Study: Mothers more likely to quit work when fathers work more than 50 hours a week

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According to a new study, a mom is more likely to quit her job if her husband works more than 50 hours a week:

Chai looked at 8,484 professional workers and 17,648 nonprofessional workers from dual-earner families, using data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. Her analysis shows that overall, having a husband who works 60 hours or more per week increases a woman's odds of quitting by 42 percent. However, for husbands, having a wife who works 60 hours or more per week does not significantly affect a man's odds of quitting.

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  • This doesn't surprise me at all, although it saddens me. Women are still the ones who have two jobs--one at the office and one at home. If there is no partner to help shoulder the home burden, mothers are the ones who realize the children need more attention and end up providing it.

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