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Internet Helps Moms With Work-Life Balance

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We love to highlight great examples of how moms structure their work and schedules. This article describes two different moms with two different work situations: one has an Ebay business and advises others about successfully selling things online while the other works for Live Journal, an online blogging company, as part of their extensive (and mostly home-based) technical support staff.

Denise Paolucci, who is the supervisor for Carrie, the mom who works for LiveJournal, says:

“We as a company benefit considerably from flex time and other setups that benefit caregivers working from home, because of the international and 24/7 nature of our business. By having staff who are looking for flexibility in their schedules, we expand our times of coverage considerably."

YES! Allowing employees some flexibility can be good for business. Go LiveJournal!

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