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Maine Company Scores Major Brownie Points

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Looking for a little entrepreneurial inspiration? This story in The Boston Globe takes a look at Trina Beaulier, a 59-year-old mother of five who turned a hobby and a fabulous brownie recipe into a booming business.

According to the article:

"A project Beaulier started on a whim, to fend off boredom as a new retiree, has snowballed into the stuff of small-business fantasies. Her company, Simply Divine Brownies, has 19 employees on the payroll, and is growing fast. Annual sales are expected to double to $600,000 this year. Last week, at the height of the holiday rush, her all-women crew turned out almost 6,000 brownies a day in a jam-packed command center in a former mill, where the kitchen, retail shop, and shipping center share one hectic, cocoa-scented room."

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