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5 Pitfalls of Flexible Work

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Another gem from U.S. News & World Report, this time a quick list of five things that trip up working moms:

There's one thing virtually all working moms agree upon: The key to success—as both a professional and a parent—is piecing together some sort of flexible work arrangement. The good news is that employers are increasingly open to this. But consider the fine print: What sounds good or looks appealing on paper can have trade-offs that nobody is likely to tell you about.

The nitty gritty: Watch out for larger-than-expected workloads, "flimsy" boundaries, latent disapproval, missed opportunies and, of course, guilt. Plenty of guilt.

Read the details here, and tell us in the comments: What pitfalls did you notice when you went back to work?

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  • Oh can I speak mounds to this subject - but I promise to be brief :)


    There is always the latent disapprovals that you don't feel until you're ready to depart for maternity - or come back and your desk is overloaded with "welcome back work."

    This happened to me at diff't times and with diff't employers. It was difficult especially when you set a high work standard. The company feels threatened that someone else will not be able to get the amount of work you get done in such a short time. so they quietly balk about it and you find later that their were strings attach to that flexible family plan.

    WATCH IT and know that it exists.

    I stay at home with my kid now b/c I don't want to deal with it anymore until I can really go back and jump in with all fours. It didn't work for me maybe b/c I'm an overachiever.

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