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Married full-time working moms do more housework than married working fathers

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I don't know if this surprises me at all, but according to new data, married moms who work full-time do a lot more housework and childcare than married working fathers.

Another interesting tid-bit:

Married moms who were not employed spent an average of 3.6 hours per day on housework, compared with 2 hours for those with full-time jobs and 1 hour for those who worked part-time.

Is this true in your family?

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  • oops, clicked before I wrote...similar to housework, how many moms take care of everything the kids need instead of dads? I have always been the one to make sure my kids have what they need for school projects, the right papers, remembering school funtions ect...
    but here lately have found myself away from home and had to tell the hubby he HAS to to it.
    He stepped up and did such a great job this week- helping our 10 yo build a working "volcano", helping her organize for a mini-society market day.
    Used a different approach than I would have, but excellent job nonetheless.
    I have been depriving the kids and my husband all these years by assuming I should be the one to handle these things!
    Maybe we are part of the problem ourselves, by thinking it all has to be done our way?
    Also, I do not service our vehicles, fix the furnace, unclog the toilet or mow the lawn. Are typically "guy" chores being taken into consideration?
    I consider my spouse and I to be a team.
    We each do what we are good at or are comfortable doing.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MAC on 21st May 2008

  • No surprise there. If any of our guys had to do what we did in one day, they would collapse. They might finally understand what it's like.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by oceans mom on 21st May 2008

  • Same here. My ex was SUCH a slob and we'd make a chore list but he'd only follow it for a few days then conveniently 'forget' about it.

    Luckily my current husband is really neat anyway. He also does the dishes, vacuuming and laundry. He's the best.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by MistressOfTheDorkness on 20th May 2008

  • This doesn't surprise me at all. My ex-husband was a total slob. It was easier & less stressful if he kept the baby entertained while I did the house work.

    Flag as inappropriate Posted by Christie on 19th May 2008