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Despite 'Mommy Guilt,' Time With Kids Increasing

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Over the past 50 years more and more women have re-entered workforce. One would think that today moms have less time to spend with their children. Not so. According to a study done by University of Maryland, today's moms (and dads) spend more time with their children then their own mothers did 40 years ago. So where is our guilt coming from?

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  • I found this article very interesting, particularly because it seemed to be based on research from moms in past decades. I totally agree that although a prior generation of moms may have been 'stay at home', their parenting styles were very different and a bulk of them perhaps did not spend quality time at all with their children. I have spoken with many of my peers who had mothers who were at home but didn't have any interest in their children at all. So I used to think the notion of 'quality time' was something that just made working moms feel less guilty but the longer I'm a parent and the more I see the difference in many of today's parents and those of prior generations, I do think a sort of evolution has occured in parenting that is more supportive of children, even if it's for a more limited number of hours.

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