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Enough Mommy Wars: Juggling Work and Family is a Reality for Most Moms

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I am often hesitant to read articles about working moms for the fear of seeing some generalization, judgment, or yet another mention of the mommy wars. But I really liked this article because it talked about the real issues we're facing as working moms and highlighted some great working moms and how they are juggling.

Here is my favorite quote:

But it's neither superwomen nor supermoms that I see when I drop my younger daughter off at school. While the first-graders zoom around us, I strategize about summer vacation with the preschool teacher and the nurse, the freelance film producer and the nutritionist who's currently managing her husband's plumbing business, the law professor and the stay-at-home moms - not to mention the dads. And, tales of mommy wars notwithstanding, we're all talking to one another.

Do you think the whole idea of mommy wars is overblown by the media and in reality moms are much more supportive of each other?

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