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Women vs. men: Who's better at business?

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Are women better at business because they're more likely to multi-task than men? Do your male colleagues zone out during meetings? When you boil it down, are women (or men) really better at business or just different?

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  • I agree that its not better or worse but different. Recent studies show that women are going into business in more numbers and more successfully than men. That may be in part due to women wanting to earn what they deserve, but also women do have unique skills to help them be success.

    I'll never forget during the car marketing assignment during two years of the show the Apprentice where women won the challenge. You'd think men would have won because it was a sports car. But the women won because they could better understand and translate in an ad the emotions evoked in men by driving a sports car. In essence, the women understood men better than the men did. It's just one example of how women are different and successful in business.

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