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Do women lose out on commissions and bonuses because of maternity leave?

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Sue Shellenbarger offers up an interesting question on The Juggle, the Wall Street Journal's work-life balance blog:

Are some women on maternity leave getting cheated out of part of their pay?

... One saleswoman, a new mother, wrote me recently to express amazement that her Fortune 100 employer threatened to deprive her during maternity leave of commissions on sales she’d made before she left. “I was told I could have my deals taken over” by her maternity-leave substitute if she took a long leave, with commissions paid to the fill-in, the saleswoman writes. The specter of such a financial loss had her racing back to work a mere 5-1/2 weeks after childbirth.

In other cases, new mothers lose out on annual bonuses, despite the fact that their performance during the part of the year they were at work would have warranted one...

Were you penalized for taking a long maternity leave?

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