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More men and women agree that employed women can be good mothers

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A new study from Families and Work Institute has some great data points on changing stereotypes, perceptions and roles of working parents, including the fact that more men and women now believe that yes, a woman can be a good mom when she works.

Other great tidbits in there, check it out.

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  • not only are working moms good moms but also better workers....I am taking my work far more seriously now then I ever did before. And I try to make home time quality time. I'd probably be a worse and grumpier mom if I was stuck at home day after day, year after year. Even the year I was at home to spend with my baby we spent a lot of time being out and about socializing, shopping, or going to mommy and baby groups then we did being home and doing house stuff and was a great time for the both of us.

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  • excellent article. thanks.

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