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Moms and kids on college and money

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In these stories from Youth Radio, two families “do the math” on what college options they can afford. In the first story, Anna Flanagan’s parents remember when college cost less than a Chevrolet, and now they say their family’s “ill-prepared” to pay. In the second story, Ally Stack and her mom lament that Ally spent so much time getting ready for college in high school, but she learned almost nothing about how to manage the cost.  

This is some great material for working moms and their partners who are already managing college costs and families just starting out with young children budgeting for the future.

The stories were produced by Youth Radio, a Peabody Award-winning youth-driven production company with headquarters in Oakland and youth correspondents filing from across the country and around the world. We collaborated on these stories with Blunt Youth Radio in Portland, Maine.

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