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Jack Welch says there is no such thing as work-life balance

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Jack Welch, the very famous former CEO of General Electric, says there is no such thing as work-life balance if women want to get to the top of their careers. According to a speech he gave recently, women have work-life choices -- i.e. you either choose to get to the top of your field or you choose to have a family -- and it's not possible to have both.

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  • It depends on the field and the company. And also on how each woman defines "having a family." Personally I would not have kids if I didn't plan to be the primary person raising them. For me, that means being there for them during some significant part of almost every day. I have worked in a company where my definition of "having a family" would not be compatible with the type of career path I was trained for. I am not personally aware of any companies where I could have kicked that kind of butt while still parenting my child in the way I want to - but maybe they do exist.

    There are women who choose to dedicate 16+ hours a day to their career, and frankly, they should be rewarded accordingly. My choice to have children should not take away from what they have earned (and sacrificed).

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