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Mommy Books: More Buzz Than Buyers

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You know all this buzz lately about the Feminine Mistake, a book by Leslie Bennetts, who argued that moms who give up their careers to stay at home are putting their financial future at risk? It's been hard to miss as thousands of moms have gone online to express their often strong feelings about the book (the majority negative, at least so far).

Well, all the buzz doesn't seem to be selling that many books. The publisher says they've printed 42,000 copies - a more than respectable number for any author. But you'd expect that after the amount of publicity the book has gotten - including numerous interviews in national media and on popular blogs, as well as an excerpt in Glamour - that the sales numbers would be much higher.

The article sites some other examples of books targeted at moms that received much buzz but did not deliver in terms of sales. One suggested explanation is that the issues these books discuss are so serious and emotional, that moms would rather just read an article about the book than buy the actual thing. (Is this calling moms shallow or just being realistic?) Another possible explanation is that moms are just too damn busy to read these books (we tend to agree here).

What do you think? Would you buy a book like the Feminine Mistake or are you satisfied reading a few articles about it? Sound off, let us know!

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