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Report: Working moms are harried, stressed, but happy

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There are lots of interesting tid bits in this report from the Pew Center, but here are several that caught my attention:
  • Only 13% of moms who work full time say having a mother who works full time is the ideal situation for a young child. 
  • 41% of moms who work full time and 40% of those who work part time said they are constantly feeling rushed.
  • Working fathers are less likely than working mothers to feel stressed. In fact, 26% of fathers who work either full or part time and have children under age 18 say they rarely or never feel stressed. This compares with only 14% of working mothers.
  • Working moms are just as likely as moms who don't work outside the home to say they are very satisfied with their family life (78% of working moms vs. 75% of at-home moms).

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