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marketing, public relations, communications, time management, project management, christian, silver spring, maryland, strategic planning
About me:
Mother of two with plans to launch an internet based communications, (marketing and PR) business in 2008. Specializing in home based and small businesses and organizations. Also have design and printing capabilities.
My interests:
the food network (just the network -- i'm not that great at the cooking part) and the style network (love Clean House - Neicy Nash), love PAPER (Stationery), MAGAZINES (the paper kind -- you have to clarify when you are from Texas), and PENS!!! (REALLY BIG ON PENS) my dream pen right now is a Greta Garbo Mont Blanc - in pink, of course!
My website/blog:
How I de-stress:
READ -- but if I am REALLY stressed - to veg out in front of the TV. But LOVE listening to the Word for an instant pick me up!
Best advice I've gotten:
Your time is now - you cannot wait until everything in life is perfect to go after the dream God has placed in your heart. He knew what circumstances you would face and you are equipped to handle them RIGHT NOW!
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My favorite book:
She's Come Undone
My favorite movie:

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