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  • Do you have working mother guilt often or do you give yourself a break?

    Answered on 19th May 2008:

    I've been a mom for 10 years now and in that decade I've learned that everyone has mommy guilt. If you are a working mom you have guilt about not being more av available to the kids; if you are a stay at home mom you have guilt for not being able to provide the luxuries that other families provide their kids. What I've learned to do is just recognize it and move on. I don't know one mom who doesn't suffer from some form of mommy guilt. However, I know plenty of moms whom I think have made big mistakes because they let it control their lives and the way they parent.

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  • Can you manage without much sleep or is it something you really need?

    Answered on 19th May 2008:

    I've got to have my sleep or I am completely out of sorts and my brain just can't keep up.

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