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  • Do you send holiday cards? What do you include? a note or letter or pictures?

    Answered on 29th November 2007:

    Since the kids were born we send the photo cards of the kids only and being in the graphics business I try to do something creative with it. Last year was a really neat collage of the kids playing with the Christmas lights, in the dark, came out so good I could not wait to send it out! I did it in October. I am normally really bad with cards, but I do get into sending the Christmas cards when they look really neat.

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  • Do you think the holidays have become too commercial? Is your family doing anything to avoid the gift-buying frenzy?

    Answered on 29th November 2007:

    It's very overly commercial, but I do love giving gifts. We've narrowed it down to just family and mostly just the kids though. We even limit what we get our kids, since they get so much from everyone else in the family. I actually dread Christmas morning a little bit just for that reason, and the kids are only 4 and 2. I am trying to keep traditions from my childhood in play, hot cocoa on Christmas Eve after mass and spending time together watching the Christmas specials on tv and not emphasize the gifts and Santa too much.

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  • Ok I revised that, when I say walk alone, I mean with my trusty buddy, my iPod filled with podcasts and learning resources. lol

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  • Hi Barbara! Good to see you working it! LOL! You like to walk alone? I'm opposite, you can't hardly get me to walk by myself. I need company :)

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  • Hi, Barbara,

    I am the co-founder of Work It, Mom! and just wanted to say welcome! I look forward to learning more about you - if you have any questions about the site, please let me know or please join our Newcomers group: (And thanks so much for jumping in with both feet and already contributing an article!)

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